To both the offended and the amused

May 21, 2014 | News

An apology and some perspective from Red’s True Barbecue.

Our recent ‘campaign’ is ridiculous… of course it is. That’s why we physically labelled it as (Bull) CRAP for all to see.

We wanted to do this primarily to entertain our carnivorous customer base, giving vegetarians a playful poke, rattle the easily offended and get a reaction. Mission accomplished.

Many vegetarians have taken this ‘campaign’ in the spirit it was always intended. However, we’re willing to hold our hands up and admit that to some, this has caused serious offense.

We respect vegetarianism as a life choice – honestly, do what you want to do – whether it’s for religious reasons, animal welfare concerns or just because you don’t like meat – whatever your reasons.

We tip our hats to the many vegetarians who got it, and offer a sincere apology to those that read anything unintentionally malicious into our actions – this was categorically never the objective or starting point.

We’re happy to get a good roasting in return – fair’s fair.

The activity was planned to run for the week during National Vegetarian Week (May 19 – May 25), however we have no desire to take this from the realms of ribbing, to causing any real offence – that’s just not what we’re about. We’re currently liaising with media owners to update the billboard and are changing our social assets.

Best wishes,

Red’s True Barbecue.

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