Friday Food Fight Good Book

May 14, 2014 | News

We’re trailing the Park Life menu this week, so come at us!

Meat Boxes
1 Meat (200g) and slaw = £6
2 Meats (300g) and slaw = £8
3 Meats(400g) and slaw = £10


Pulled pork and slaw, apple sauce in 5” glazed bun =£6
Texas Brisket, dill pickle and onion in 5” glazed bun = £6
Hot link smoked sausage, dill pickle and onion in 5” glazed bun = £6

The Meat

Low and slow smoked pulled pork
Texas smoked brisket
Kansas City baby back ribs (1/2 Rack)
Hot Link smoked sausage

The Sides
Slaw = £2
Potato salad = £2
5” Glazed Bun =  £1
Pit Beans = £3

Complimentary sauces
Kansas City BBQ sauce
South Carolina BBQ sauce
North Carolina BBQ mopping sauce
Dirty sauce
Judas Ketchup
XXXX666 Hot sauce

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