Festival of BBQ

June 18, 2018 | News
Festival of BBQ
The British Summer is upon us, complete with cloudy weather and the odd spot of thunderstorms, but spirits are high with the festival season in full-swing. And what could make the Summer months of 2018 memorable for years to come? Well, a Festival of BBQ of course? Rejoice dear believers, and feel the healing warmth of Red as we lay forth our little booklet of BBQ joy.

From Monday 18 June – Friday 31 August, every day is festival day – just minus the public toilets and muddy wellies. For eleven weeks you can enjoy one of four amazing festival deals every day as many times as you like.

(intake of breath!) ‘Goodness, is it really true?’ we hear you cry. Oh yes, it is true and certainly not to be missed.

Now let us divulge a little; pop in to your local Red’s True Barbecue and get your praying hands on one of our little golden booklets. In there you will be blessed with the following; 40% off food, Free jug of beer, £10 off on carryout and last but certainly not least a free starter or dessert. And the best part – you can come in every day if you wish to redeem one of these festival headliners.

Or, if you can’t make it to your nearest Red’s quick enough, click here for your very own digital booklet!

As if this wasn’t enough we are also running the mother of all competitions to join us at the World BBQ Championships 2019 in Houston, Texas. With flights, accommodation and spending money sorted – you will be well and truly looked after. All details can be found in our little golden booklet.

So what are you waiting for? Drop everything you are doing, run out the door and head to the welcoming arms of our team to revel in the joy that you are one of the chosen one’s, the lucky one’s, the blessed one’s taking part in this momentous eleven week event. Be sure to do this now as stocks are limited and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.



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