A day in the life of a Service Apostle

November 10, 2016 | News

by Luke Oliver – Apostle Sheffield


A day as an Apostle at Red’s True Barbecue revolves around one core idea, and that is to be the key team supporter. Its our job to lead by example and ensure the standards of Red’s are met, but also to be there for all front of house members.

As an Apostle, it’s our job to confidently share our knowledge to new and current staff. I see this not as a ‘trainer’ job, but more of a supporting role. Yes, I set up training for new staff and educate them on the true barbecue experience we offer at Red’s. However, I see the role of sharing knowledge more as an opportunity to be the one that other staff members come to when they’re unsure and the one who gives constructive criticism when needed.

Scheduled and monitored training for new staff and on new aspects of the Red’s experience is a massive part of the job role and I love that because I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others. But on a day to day aspect, service doesn’t really change. What changes is the attitude and confidence we have to bring to the restaurant to ensure everyone else is happy and confident in the work they’re doing. As well as ensuring that communication with managers is constant and productive in once again making sure everyone is happy, engaged and loving their jobs. I firmly believe if our team are happy, our customers will get great service.

And thats why I love this job, not only do I get to make customers smile but it is also my responsibility to make the people I work with smile.


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