From Waitress to General Manager

October 5, 2016 | Uncategorised

Rhea helped open our first restaurant in Leeds. 4 years and 4 promotions later, she’s now General Manager in Nottingham.


How long have you worked at Reds? 

I’ve worked for Reds from day dot, so 4 years.


What position did you start in? 

I started as a waitress. Became Supervisor after a year, Assistant Manager after another year, Deputy Manager after a year and GM after 18 months…rough dates!

Red’s gave me the ability to constantly learn as I went along and pick up new skills all the time.


Tell us about your career progression route, when, how, who and what helped you get there? 

I don’t have any definitive career plans – I go with the flow and Red’s gives me the freedom to do this. All I can do is try my hardest at each role and take things as they come. I want to continue to work here and see it grow.


Whats the best thing about working at Red’s? Everyone who is asked about working for Red’s will say this, but the best thing has to be the people. I get to work with unique people who make work a laugh, not a chore.

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