September True Believer Rewards special: Corn Huskie Dog

September 2, 2015 | News

Each and every month, True Believer Rewards cardholders have exclusive access to a special dish, inspired by our Pilgrimage round the U.S. This month’s is 100% not one to miss.



In short, we’ve given bacon wrapping and corn dogs a true Red’s twist.

Inspired by a meaty trip to the Houston Rodeo, we’ll be serving up slow smoked, maple and bacon-wrapped chicken drumsticks alongside a giant cornbread-battered corn in the husk, sprinkled with pork rib rub & slathered with fresh jalapeño mustard sauce.

To order, just hand your True Believer Rewards card to a server or ask to be signed up there and then.

Y’all enjoy now.

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