Meat Watchers. Prizes, not points.

February 24, 2020 | News

Let Red’s serve you up a meaty portion of truth…

Diets don’t work. Those inspirational ‘body goal’ pics you’re looking at on Insta are fakes. Insta fitness influencers are miserable messes who cry into their kale. Let there be a reality check. Amen.

Meat Watchers. Prizes, not points.

Starting from Friday 28th February 2020, every table at Red’s will receive a scratch card with their bill.

You could win something small, like a free starter on your next visit. Or, you could win big and bag yourself a supercar experience or a holiday for two to Obonjan Island, Croatia.

Every single scratch card is a winner.

Don’t lose weight, gain joy with Meat Watchers from Red’s. Prizes, not points.


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