Introducing the new Red’s menu

November 5, 2019 | News

Believers rejoice! Red’s new menu is here, and it’s exactly what you’ve been asking for.

In the seven years since Red’s opened we’ve had our share of menu changes, and they’ve come with both great and not-so-great feedback from our loyal Believers. We’ll be the first to admit we may have made some mistakes along the way, but who hasn’t?

Consider this menu our redemption.

Introducing the new Red’s menu

With this new menu, we’re going back to basics. Epic smoked meats, delicious sides, huge burgers, and indulgent desserts (for those who can fit them in). We’ve given you more feasting options, added the option to build your own barbecue tray, brought back cornbread, added triple and quadruple options to most burgers, and more.

We’ve also added room for special dishes, unique to each Red’s site, to give some love back to our independent roots. These will change up frequently, and are created by each restaurant team especially for their city.

We still believe it’s important to try new things, but sometimes you need to just stick with what you’re great at. And what we’re great at is f**king awesome barbecue.


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