Find Red’s Phone

December 10, 2019 | News
FIND RED’S PHONE and let there be REWARDS. Amen.
Red has been on a festive big one and lost his mobile.
Find it. Return it to your nearest Red’s True BBQ.
Claim your reward.
Keep an eye on our social channels for clues.
20 chances per Red’s location.
Find Red’s Phone

Found a phone?

Congratulations! Bring it back to your nearest Red’s True Barbecue and claim your reward. And if you find someone else’s phone this Christmas? Either hand it back to them, to a lost property, or to the police. Do the right thing.

T&Cs – In exchange for handing in one of 20 red phones per location, you will be given £20 off your bill. Only one phone can be used per table. The phone cannot be exchanged for its monetary value in cash. Cannot be used exclusively on alcohol, or on any third party delivery service. Can be used up until, and including, Saturday 29th February 2020.

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