Come forth to Morning Service Brunch

February 4, 2015 | News

Dearly beloved,

No longer shalt you have to endure the weekend slings and arrows of early morning hunger and hangovers.

Morning Service is here. Brunch is now served in Leeds, Call Lane and Nottingham. AMEN! (scroll to see the menu below)



For those believers in Manchester & Headingley who regularly attended worship, head’s up, as there’s a new menu.

We’ve taken your feedback and refreshed the menu. For some, your favourites might have disappeared. Fear not though. We’re sure the new dishes will help fill the void and soon become firm favourites.

Red’s Country Fry

Reds Country Fry


Brunch runs every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 9am-12pm. Last orders are 11:45am so we can prep for the lunch rush. We’ll start offering the lunch menu from 11am.

If you’re looking for a Bloody Mary to restore your soul, we can only start serving from 10am due to licensing laws.


Bloody Pig


As ever, let us know what you think, either on Twitter, your local Facebook page or on email at [email protected] Feel free to share your morning objects of worship on Instagram with #morningservice #brunch

Brunch menu brunch menu 2
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