True Believer Rewards Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) applies to your use of the True Believer Rewards card by Red’s True Barbecue. The True Believer Rewards Card is operated by Red’s Smoque Limited.

Red’s True Barbecue is registered in England and Wales. The registered name is Red’s Smoque Limited. Their registered office is at Unit 10 Weaver Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2AU. Their VAT number is 132486616.



THE PROGRAMME AND THE CARD 1. You can obtain a True Believer Rewards card free of charge at any participating Red’s True Barbecue restaurant in the UK (subject to availability). Your card is issued by, and remains the property of Red’s True Barbecue. It may only be used as described in these Terms in participating restaurants.

2. True Believer Rewards is only open to residents of the UK who are aged 18 and over.

3. Only one True Believer Rewards card can be registered per email address and only one card is permitted per person.

4. You can use your True Believer Rewards Card at any participating Red’s True Barbecue restaurant. The participating restaurants are Red’s True Barbecue Leeds, Red’s True Barbecue Headingley, Red’s True Barbecue Manchester, Red’s True Barbecue Nottingham, Red’s True Barbecue Shoreditch, Red’s True Barbecue Liverpool and Red’s True Barbecue Sheffield. This does not include pop ups, festivals or any other event.

5. To register a True Believer Rewards card, you must visit our website at To do so, you will need to provide a valid email address. In registering, you are giving express permission to receive emails relating to the loyalty programme.



POINTS AND BLESSINGS6. One Faith Point is earned for every £1 spent. Points expire a year after being earned. This is only valid against food and drink purchases, and not against merchandise or transactions on the online shop. Please ask a manager if you have any questions about how the programme works.

7. True Believer Rewards cardholders can earn faith points against takeout orders, but can not through takeaway orders via Deliveroo. For takeout phone orders, you need to provide your True Believer Rewards card number on the phone, and your card must be presented in person when you pay. You cannot redeem a blessing through a takeout order, they can only be redeemed when eating in the restaurant.

8. You can accumulate points without registering your card, however you need to register your True Believer Rewards card before you can redeem your blessings. Faith points cannot be added from previous visits if a card has not been registered.

9. You earn a new set of blessings when you accumulate 100, 250 or 500 faith points. The current blessings are below. Only the items listed below can be redeemed against a True Believer Rewards card promotion:


Believer (50 Faith Points)
Either 2 x humble sides or 1 x divine sides.


Disciple (100 Faith Points)
Any Regular Little Plate: Mac-n-Cheese Balls, Regular Swine Fries, Regular Wings, Rib Tips, Regular Black & Blue Fries




Any Milkshake: Cinnamon & Apple Donut, PB&J, Chocolate & Salted Caramel




Any Sweet Thing: Kentucky Trifle, Deep Dish Apple Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, 3 x Licktators Ice Cream.

Evangelist (250 Faith Points)
Any Burger: Red’s Classic Bacon Cheesebuger (single or double), Juicy Lucifer, Pit Burger, Donut Burger, Double Bean Burger




Any S’wich: Dirty Buffalo Chicken S’wich, Pitmaster S’wich, Pulled Pork S’wich, Pit Dog




Any Barbecue Tray: USDA Black Angus Brisket & Burnt Ends, Red’s Pulled Pork & Slaw Meat Tray, St. Louis Ribs & Smoked Sausage, Baby Back Ribs & Buffalo Wings, Beef Long Rib & Sticky Chicken, Sticky Chicken, Skirt Steak, 1/2 rack of Baby Back ribs, Full rack of Baby Back ribs, 1/2 rack of St. Louis ribs


True Believer (500 Faith Points)
Any burger, s’wich or barbecue tray + 3 pint growler of Legitimate Industries beer.


Excludes Full rack of St. Louis Ribs and Pitmaster Tray


10. For all blessings, you must provide your True Believer Rewards card either before or when paying for the bill. Only one blessing can be redeemed on a single visit, and offers cannot be combined under any circumstance.

11. When you redeem a blessing, the amount required to reach that level of blessing will be automatically removed from your True Believer Rewards card. E.g. if you have 105 points and redeem against a Follower blessing, you will be left with 5 points. You can continue to accumulate from that point on the same card.

12. No cash alternative will be offered for any of the blessings. Faith points cannot be exchanged or merged from one card to another and your points cannot be shared with other people.

13. All blessings are subject to change, and can be changed or revoked by the Promoter at any time with no warning required.

14. We reserve the right to correct or amend the number of Faith Points in your account if we deem there to be foul play. If you wish to contest such a correction or amendment to your account balance, please contact us on [email protected]



LOST CARDS AND CANCELLATIONS15. Red’s True Barbecue is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged True Believer Rewards cards. If you have not registered your card, we are unable to replace your card for you. If your card is registered, we will replace your True Believer Rewards card. Your first card will be cancelled, with your faith points and blessings being transferred to the new card. This can only be done once, and must be done by talking to a manager in a participating restaurant.

16. Red’s True Barbecue reserves the right to refuse to accept a True Believer Rewards card which it deems to have been tampered with, duplicated, damaged or which otherwise is suspected to be affected by fraud, misconduct or unauthorised use. The card will become invalid and all blessings will be removed from the card.



PRIVACY AND PERMISSIONS17. Our Privacy Policy can be found at: The policy outlines Red’s True Barbecue’s use of the personal information that is collected from you.

18. When signing up, if you specify that you would like to receive additional marketing communications, then you are giving express permission to receive our eSermon. If you wish to remove yourself from this, then you can unsubscribe via one of the emails received.



CANCELLATION 19. To cancel your membership on the True Believer Rewards programme, you can email [email protected] Please include ‘Cancellation Request’ and your card number in the subject line. Cancellations may take up to 7 days to process. All blessings that have been accumulated will be lost once the cancellation is confirmed.



QUESTIONS20. For any questions about the True Believer Rewards programme, visit or contact us at [email protected]



BIRTHDAY OFFERYou must present your True Believer Rewards card to redeem the promotion
Offer only available to the bearer of this promotion
Strictly one offer per person per year
You must spend a minimum of £15 on food to validate the promotion
*You can choose from any bottle/can of craft beer
The cost of the drink will be removed from your bill
Offer is non transferable
There is no cash alternative
Offer is valid for 14 days from the date of your birthday
We operate strict age verification policies. You may be asked to provide identification to prove you are aged 18 or over.
Red’s reserves the right to retract the offer at any time



BBQ FEAST FOR 4 (SURVEY)You must present both your True Believer Rewards card and the email received to redeem the promotion
This offer refers to the ‘BBQ Feast’ for 4 people only.
Offer can only be redeemed in full. The size of the Feast is priced for 4 people at £18.95 each
Offer only available to the bearer of this promotion.
This offer does not include drinks or additional sides
The cost of the BBQ Feast will be removed from your bill
Offer is non transferable
There is no cash alternative
Offer is valid for 30 days after receipt of confirmation
Red’s reserves the right to retract the offer at any time

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