Your August special: Jerk Country Ribs

August 5, 2015 | News

Behold, a special for August only – Jerk Country Ribs. 

Our annual road-trip Pilgrimage across the US inspires a great many dishes at Red’s. Who would think New York would be on that list for authentic ‘cue? But right now Brooklyn is bang on trend.

A stopover at Hometown Bar-B-Que, Brooklyn, and a load of beers & bourbon with owner and Pitmaster Billy Durney, gave us the idea for this dish.


Your first special is a heavenly union of Jamaican spice and low n’ slow barbecue. Ridiculously meaty and boneless country ribs are twice marinated in Jerk seasoning, topped with slithers of fiery Scotch bonnet peppers and served with a sweet potato Southern biscuit and a fresh slice of watermelon to tame the heat.

They’ll go heavenly with our Jamaican Mojito or a bottle of Kona Fire Rock beer.

Available for 12.95 throughout August, present your True Believer Rewards card to your server when ordering. If you don’t have one yet, don’t sweat – just ask a member of staff to grab one and sign you up there and then.

Don’t miss out.

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