Why do we run out of meat towards the end of the day?

March 8, 2013 | News

When we launched Red’s True BBQ in Sept last year, we knew we’d be breaking new ground for the Leeds (and UK) dining market.  After working in the US market for about 7 years, we’ve done our fair share of research  into this unique style of food prep.  “Low ‘n Slow BBQ” is exactly that, low temperature and a slow pace with the addition of sweet smoke.  We take huge cuts of meat such as brisket and pork shoulder (and smaller for that matter) and cook them in our custom made Oklahoman smokers for anything between 15 and 21 hours.  Our beef and pork ribs take up to 8 hours to cook.  We are a very busy restaurant, so our smokers are at full capacity at all times (unless they’re being cleaned).

Let there be meat!


So why do we run out of food towards the end of the day? Simple reason: Quality. Most other BBQ smokehouses cook a bunch of food and use it throughout the week. Not at Red’s BBQ. We slow smoke our food fresh daily. Some days we have a ton of people who want ribs. Some days our customers want pulled pork.  Even things like payday makes a big difference in our customers food choices.  We do not reheat from frozen or from the fridge as we believe this does not represent the best way of presenting our BBQ to our customers.  Our Pitmaster and mgt team are very clear about how we want to run the operation.  “Food with Integrity” is one of our key underlying mantras, which is why you can see everything in our open plan kitchen.  We are open, honest and quality-led and will continue to put all our focus into this in the future.  You may have noticed that we spend a lot of time sharing Red’s BBQ style through Facebook, Twitter, the Web and within the restaurant.  We share things like the “Ten Commandments of True BBQ” on the first page of our menu which details the above (and more) and we have a constantly updated “Running Low/Sold Out” chalk board above the grill for our customers and staff to keep updated.  We understand that some customers who have not been to the US to see other BBQ restaurants sell out don’t necessarily get it, but we’re trying our best to inform and transform the way authentic BBQ is perceived here in the UK.

So what can you do to ensure we don’t run out of your favourite BBQ?  Get down earlier!

Love Reds

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