#RedsPilgrimage is back

March 10, 2015 | News

The Donut Burger. The Pitmaster S’Wich. The Sleepy James. USDA Black Angus brisket. All of these Red’s favourites, and more, have been inspired by our annual road trip Pilgrimage across the States.

This Friday 13th March we’re hittin’ the road again.



For 10 days straight, our Pit Pilgrims will road trip 4,000 miles through Brooklyn, St. Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Austin –  all in the name of true, authentic barbecue (heavy is the cross we bear for you the faithful…).

We’ll eat as much ‘cue as any human can physically handle. We’ll sup local craft beer, slam bourbon and interview ANYONE who has a passion for barbecue – from legendary pitmasters to happy moonshiners (who can forget Sleepy James, after all?!)

The annual trip influences our Good Book each and every winter. This year we’re giving you an early preview of what’s to come by running a month of Pilgrimage-inspired specials from the end of April. You can earn access to this secret menu and try our latest creations by signing up on our Pilgrimage page.

Follow us along our barbecue-laden journey with the hash tag #redspilgrimage and on our dedicated Pilgrimage 2015 page. Hungry for more? Catch last year’s epic journey by listening to the podcasts here.


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