Red’s Leeds on BBQ Champ

August 15, 2015 | News

As we shared on Twitter and Instagram a couple of months ago, our BBQ brother from another mother Adam Richman (of Man vs. Food fame) swung by our Leeds restaurant to meet the team and sample some authentic ‘cue. He visited us up North especially to film his new TV show, BBQ Champ, which first aired on ITV1 a couple of weeks back.

This week’s episode (14/8/15) was all about the art of low n’ slow barbecue – alleluia! Adam wanted experts to show how the contestants how it should be done…which is where we came in!

Co-founder James and Pitmaster Cristiano gave Adam a tour of our kitchen and on-site smokers, which was quickly followed by Adam sampling some of your Red’s favourites. Think pulled pork, mac-n-cheese balls, onion rings, bacon-wrapped jalapeños and, most importantly, brisket. Judging by the picture below, it’s safe to say that Adam enjoyed it.



You can watch the episode on ITV Player (we’re featured at around 30 minutes in if you don’t fancy watching the whole episode) for the next 30 days, and we’ve included some behind-the-scenes photos from the day below.

Amen to low n’ slow.














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