Introducing Red’s Headline Acts

May 30, 2019 | News
Introducing Red’s Headline Acts

Nostalgia is in right now.  So are the Spice Girls.

Not a day goes by where we aren’t asked to resurrect an old, classic Red’s dish. Menu legends, if you will.

Our favourite thing about our Believers is they never hesitate to tell us what they want (what they really really want).

Well? We’ve heard your requests, begs, and prayers. And, in keeping with our Festival Of BBQ campaign, we’re paying tribute to some of our most famous dishes to grace your plates.

Say hello to Red’s Festival of BBQ Headline Acts. This summer, the Oldies really are the Goldies.

Introducing Red’s Headline Acts

Keep your eyes peeled and your mouth hungry for the Magnificent 5 coming your way over the summer: Sleepy James, Black & Blue Fries, Pulled Meat Nachos, the Houston Slopper and the Bucket O’ Bones.

Across the next 3 months, these beauties will each return for one weekend only as menu specials, available Friday, Saturday and Sunday (dine in only) whilst stocks last.

Each dish will have limited availability – once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you’ve always dreamed of trying the Sleepy James, or conquering the epic Bucket o’ Bones, we recommend you book a table in advance to make sure you get your hands on one!


It wouldn’t be a festival without headliners.

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