Free BBQ & Live Music: July 17 Red’s Headingley

July 11, 2014 | News


If the words ‘Free food’ and ‘Live music’ fill you with a sense of joy, you could be in luck.

We’re opening the doors to Red’s Headingley restaurant on Thursday 17 July with a congregation-pleasing event set to stop the traffic.

It’s time for us to pay the city back for all the support you have given Red’s, by serving up true barbecue for free until our smokers run out…..

We’re also transforming the roof into an open air stage and showcasing a load of live bands including sexy soul-hop outfit JJ Rosa, blues band Junkhouse Dog that rocked Manchester’s late bar launch, plus bluegrass buskers The Kentucky Cow Tippers and youtube favourite and acoustic finger-style harmonic guitar, Rat On The Roof.

To make sure we can serve for free as many believers as possible we’re doing a reduced menu, plus setting a limit of 45 minutes from when you sit down. Plenty of time to feast, sup a few chilled beers and bomb a pickleback or two.

Doors open at 6:30pm and we reckon the smokers will be empty by around 11:00pm.

Look out for a limited few queue jump passes which we’ll post on Facebook and Twitter.

May meat be with you, always.

Red's Headingley

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