The New Testament: The Good Book

November 6, 2014 | News

Dearly beloved, the new testament of The Good Book is nigh. It’s a weighty tome full of BBQ promise.

Inspired by the most recent Pilgrimage road trip across the Southern US States, the new and updated dishes ooze with the latest BBQ trends and low and slow techniques, picked up from the countless ‘cue joints and Pitmasters along our 1,500 mile route.

The Pitmaster S’wich

The Pitmaster S'wich


It’s also the only menu to have its own Podcast, telling the story of the trip in four 1/2 hour shows. It’s packed with interviews of the people we met along the way, whilst the rockin soundtrack is the very music that helped us burn rubber over five states and 10 days. We’ll ping a link as soon as iTunes approves it in the next few days.

The Sleepy James

The Sleepy James


Before we launch  to the masses, we’re giving true believers the chance to buy the new dishes before anyone else.

Next week we’re putting on a selection of new items at lunch (12pm-5pm) and dinner (6pm-10pm), and releasing a limited number of tickets to come down and try.





Password AMEN

For lunch sessions tickets will be available 12:00pm the day before until 11:00am the next day. For the dinner session it’s 12:00pm the day before until 5pm that day. Make sure to act quickly before they all go.

Memphis-Dry St Louis rack

Memphis-Dry St Louis


Whilst the meal isn’t free, we’ll pick tables at random and pay the bill, so make sure to check your receipt for The Hand Of Red stamp.

If you do grab a ticket, be sure to give us feedback on the dishes you tried at [email protected], with the subject New Testament.

For those who don’t manage to get in next week, the new menu launches w/c 17 November.

More new menu item intros and photos to come… Amen

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