New Friday Food Fight, New Good Book

October 15, 2014 | News

S’up F.F.Fighters! It’s been a while since we’ve cast our soulful eyes upon you good people.

So we’ve decided to up the BBQ game with our next menu for your feasting pleasure. On here you’ll find authentic dishes inspired by our most recent pilgrimage road trip to the southern states.

Make sure to pay particular oral attention to the Nacho Pie and Hot Mess: you can grab these Mon – Thur 12pm – 4pm on Red’s new NSFW Express Lunch menu.

Come forth…


  • Texas smoked sausage hoagie: Spicy beef and pork sausage, topped with meaty pit beans, chili con queso, cheese, American mustard and jalapeños
  • Nacho Pie: Bag of nachos slashed open and filled with our smoked Black Angus brisket chili, sour cream, salsa, and fresh sliced jalapeños
  • Hot Mess: Salt-crusted sweet potato topped with smoked Black Angus brisket chili, grated cheese, housemade peppered bacon, chipotle sour cream, fresh chili, spring onions, and a lime wedge. (Or choose a veggie option – swap brisket chili for bean chili)
  • Pulled Pork sandwich: North Carolina pulled pork in a glazed brioche bun, topped with crispy slaw and a pot of apple sauce
  • Smoked chicken sandwich: Pulled smoked chicken, topped with crispy slaw – customise it with one of our free BBQ sauces
  • Pulled meat nachos: Housemade nachos, N.C pulled pork, smoked pulled chicken, chili con queso, salsa, sour cream, cheese,jalapeños


  • Meaty Pit beans
  • Mac-and-Cheese
  • No mayo slaw


  • XXX 666 Hot Sauce
  • North Carolina mopping BBQ sauce
  • South Carolina ‘Gold’ mustard BBQ sauce
  • Kansas City sweet molasses BBQ sauces


Make sure to head to Red’s Manchester next week.

From Monday – Thursday we’re rewarding believers at random who eat from the new NSFW Express Lunch by picking up your tab.

You’ll know it’s you by your bill scripture.

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