10 Miracles, Week 5: Pitmaster S’wich

July 14, 2016 | News

Believers, Red is feeding the 5,000 in Liverpool this summer with 10 true barbecue, lunchtime miracles.

Nothing says true barbecue more than week 5’s miracle – the Pitmaster S’wich. Let Pitmaster Michael explain why…

10 Miracles, Week 5: Pitmaster S’wich
Pitmaster S'wich

“The Pitmaster S’wich is a celebration of authentic barbecue in sandwich form – what’s not to love!

Most of the best U.S ‘cue joints have a version of this s’wich, including the very famous Franklins over in Austin, Texas. But our inspiration came from the 2014 road trip Pilgrimage and a visit to Pecan Lodge, Dallas. It was so good the guys then went back the year after!

We take a brioche bun and fill it with our most coveted smoke meats, straight from our custom-built smokers: 14 hour oak smoked pulled pork, 12 hour smoked USDA Black Angus brisket (imported directly from Nebraska) and 2 hour smoked cheese & jalapeño sausage.

That isn’t it though. We also add buttermilk slaw which adds crunch and tartness, South Carolina BBQ sauce for a mustard kick, sliced fresh jalapeño for some heat and a fried pickle to give it an added crunch.

Grab it 2-4-1 at lunchtime from Monday 18th July – it’s not one to miss.”

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