Louisiana Fish Po’ Boy S’wich

September 4, 2016 | News

Behold, the Louisiana Fish Po’ Boy S’wich

Whilst not true barbecue, this famous s’wich is a staple of deep south U.S.A, and one we’ve loved ever since our first ever stopover in Louisiana many years ago.

Louisiana Fish Po’ Boy S’wich
Louisiana Fish Po' Boy S'wich

Our Pitmasters use sustainably caught Atlantic haddock, deep frying the boneless fillets in a subtly spiced, crispy Cajun batter. It’s stuffed into a toasted hoagie with garlic butter and topped with fresh sliced tomato, shredded spicy jalapeño & cabbage salad, tangy mayo and a lick of hot sauce.

It’s served with fries, but you can also upgrade to creole-spiced sweet potato fries frizzled in maple syrup.


Available from Tuesday 6th September for 9.95, exclusively to True Believer Rewards cardholders.

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