The Good Book: A new chapter

April 5, 2016 | News

Believers, the Good Book has changed

We listen to feedback from the flock all year round, and we’ve been busy creating new objects of worship, and resurrecting some Red’s favourites.

Feast thine eyes on some of the changes below.


The Dirty Buffalo Chicken S’wich

A True Believer Rewards special in January, the flock loved it so much we’re stoked to make it a permanent addition to the Good Book.

If you haven’t had tried it, behold. A Southern friend chicken breast, pulled smoked chicken, Pickleback salted candied bacon, Buffalo sauce, South Carolina BBQ sauce, slaw and ranch dressing in a pretzel bun.

P10273 Reds Specials 5 -493-Final Web Res JPG


Skirt Steak

A new and improved Skirt Steak has returned to the Good Book after a 6 month absence.

Now pre-smoked for 30 minutes, the 500g Yorkshire steak is then cooked over our charcoal pit. It’s best cooked medium, and comes with a choice of either black peppercorn sauce or garlic butter.

Skirt Steak


Over the last few months, our Pitmasters have also been busy conjuring up new objects of worship – all this hard work is on display in our new Barbecue Trays section.

Every dish is inspired by our annual road trip Pilgrimage to the U.S, and all include sides (2 humble or 1 divine).

Feast your eyes on a selection below – the rest can be found in the Good Book.


St. Louis Ribs & Smoked Sausage

1/4 rack of St. Louis ribs and cheese & jalapeño sausage

P10290-145-Final Web Res JPG


Pitmaster Tray

St. Louis ribs, USDA approved Black Angus brisket, Red’s pulled pork, and smoked cheese & jalapeño sausage.

P10290-219-Final Web Res JPG


Beef Long Rib & Sticky Chicken

Beef rib and 1/4 smoked sticky chicken with Unholy BBQ sauce.

P10290-085-Final Web Res JPG


Baby Back Ribs & Buffalo Wings

1/2 rack of Baby Back ribs and two XXXL Buffalo chicken wings.

P10290-118-Final Web Res JPG


We’ve switched up Humble Sides as well – both BBQ Greens and Sweet Potato Cornbread are back, replacing Green Beans and Cheese & Jalapeño Cornbread.

And finally…


Upgrade to Swine Fries

If skin-on fries just aren’t hitting the spot, you can now pimp them up and upgrade to Swine Fries for 4.00.

Sweet potato and skin-on fries, smoked pork, topped with grilled cheese, chipotle sour cream, spring onion, sliced jalapeños and salsa. Alleluia!

Swine Fries


We always welcome feedback from the faithful, so when you try them out – drop us a tweet.

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