Finally, we have an outside seating area!

July 11, 2013 | News

Dear Believers,

On a sunny Monday 8 July ’13, we launched our outdoor seating area on the cobbles just outside the Corn Exchange and in front of Red’s BBQ in Leeds. Being a BBQ joint, we wanted to create a relaxed space, with the use of large picnic tables which are great for sharing. Being on cobbles, these benches also should provide stability that regular tables and chairs just don’t!

As we are in the UK, we have also included the use of parasols above each table – just in case. On that note, if it does start raining and we have a full restaurant, unfortunately we can’t relocate diners inside. The outside area is a separate seating space with it’s own physical queue, unlike the main restaurant’s paper wait list system. This means there may be a separate queue during busy, or sunny periods. If there is any confusion, please ask our staff.

What else is different for the outside space? Well, the food menu is similar but the drinks menu is a bit more limited. This is mainly due to the need to reduce glassware on the street. Don’t worry, most of the our big sellers are available, but they’ll be served in the true picnic BBQ style – disposable glassware! As it’s a more transient space, we require our customers to pay up front for their orders. Further licensing restrictions (as with the restaurant) means we can’t sell booze without food, so you’ll need to order a “substantial meal” if you want to sit out for a drink in the sun.

This space will open at 12:00 midday everyday, and close around 21:00 or when we run out of light, heat and/or meat. Depending on how it goes this summer, we may design in some lighting and heat for next season. Your feedback on improvements is welcomed!



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