Earn blessings every time you worship

July 2, 2015 | News

Behold, the new and improved True Believer Rewards programme.

Every time you spend £1 at the church of true barbecue, you earn 1 faith point.

You can now accumulate faith points every time you visit, not just at lunch. By spending £1 at the church of true barbecue, you earn 1 faith point. Faith points can then be redeemed for meaty blessings on your next pilgrimage to Red’s.

You can now earn meaty blessings by eating from:

  • The Good Book
  • The Takeout menu*
  • Brunch menu at weekends

Not only that, we’ll also be hosting a special dish each and every month, exclusively for True Believer Rewards cardholders. When signed up, keep checking your emails for more information.

And you’ll still get a birthday treat on Red! Full details of the True Believer Rewards programme and all the blessings available can be found here.

Time to start earning MEAT.

1 faith = 1 point.

*Does not include Deliveroo orders in Leeds/Headingley.

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