They Came To Feast

July 22, 2014 | News

The call of free barbecue was too strong for some and so they flocked in their hundreds, following the free smells of Red’s Headingley, to feast.

It’s fair to say the launch of our latest place of worship, Red’s Headingley, was epic. More than 1,000 believers turned up to queue in line for their share of a plate of free ‘cue. Knowing it would be busy, we hosted live music straight up from a makeshift open-air stage on top of the restaurant.

If you’ve never caught soul hop band JJ Rosa, keep a look out. She’s a Red’s regular at our live music sessions in Manchester and they rocked the early eve session over in Headingley, setting the tone for Red’s favourite Junkhouse Dog to smash any weary waiting legs into a groove. Big thanks to Rat On The Roof, Big Bone Joe, The Kentucky Cow Tippers and Magic Al for cruising up and down the 200m queue playing personal gigs for those that needed a dose of additional entertainment.

And a final important thanks to all the believers that chose to turn up and support the launch, some of you queueing for over 4hrs. You know who you are. Let there be meat!


Red's Headingley


Barrel smoker, Amelia, with its owner Jim, kicking out some slow smoked baby back ribs

Amelia, the barrel smoker in full tilt


Feeding the queue with some ‘cue

IMG_2055 IMG_2061 IMG_2012 IMG_2187


 JJ Rosa getting the evening bouncing 



PR grins with Matt Lewis and James Douglas

Matt Lewis and James Douglas


 Scott Munro, Antony Cotton and James Douglas

Scott Munro, Antony Cotton and James Douglas


Junkhouse Dog seeing out the twilight 




Junkhouse Dog


The smokers are out





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