Burnt Ends Tuesday

October 15, 2013 | News

So, it’s Tuesday and in any other restaurant that would just mean it’s the day after Monday or that it’s 24 hours before Wednesday.  However, at Red’s it means its Burnt Ends Tuesday, the one-day of the week you can enjoy our triple-smoked nuggets of meaty perfection.



Burnt ends are exactly that, flavor packed cubes of the best bits from the point half of our locally sourced beef brisket.  We smoke our briskets whole for no less that 18 hours.  Then, we remove the point and re-smoke it for another 3 hours or so then its back out, chopped into cubes and smoked for the final time for at least another 2 hours.  All this and together with a delicious, dark and very visible bark means as with everything Red’s, its smoked and cooked to perfection.  Add a slathering of our Unholy Sauce and Burnt End heaven is here for the taking.

We don’t just do this for the smoky taste you know, the higher fat content in the point end of the brisket means it takes a bit longer for the meat and fat to tender and render and it takes a touch longer for the collagen to break down – science never tasted so good.

Burnt Ends are a traditional and popular staple in the US BBQ epicenter that is Kansas, as that’s where we cut our teeth we’re confident you’ll love them as much as us.  Get some with one of our tasty sides, or eat them on their own – either way, you’ll go home stinking of smoke but loving a belly full of meat!

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