Bless your meat this summer

May 28, 2015 | News

You asked. Red delivered. From 4th July, 5 sauces and 4 rubs will be available in ASDA stores nationwide.

These are no cheap imitations. All the tastes and flavours are inspired by our annual pilgrimage round the U.S. This means we can bring you the real, authentic taste of American BBQ joints, straight to your table.

Feast your eyes on the full selection below and start preparing for summer.

The Sauces



Kansas City BBQ Sauce 

This sweet, smoky, BBQ bliss is a traditional tomato-based Kansas City recipe, with sweet molasses, and a few spices to add a mild kick.

Mop it. Slop it. Love it. Slather it over your pork ribs, add it to your cooking, or use as a dipper with just about anything.

South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

This is pure ‘Carolina Gold’, an authentic mustard-based recipe from South Carolina. It blends sweetness with vinegar and mustard to create a tangy BBQ sauce perfect for pulled pork and beef.

Unholy BBQ Sauce

There is one secret recipe to rule them all, and it’s Unholy. Baptise your meat with this Mid Western-style sweet, rich, tomato-based sauce with added flavours of orange and fennel. Mix it with your mince or use it as base to your cooking. 

Devil Wing BBQ Sauce

Conjured by Lucifer himself, get ready to add a devilish twist and a kick to your chicken, turkey or burger mince. It’s sweet, smoky and hot, hot, hot. 

Judas Ketchup

Whilst not true barbecue, Judas Ketchup will have you betraying your taste buds in favour of this smoky tomato sauce with a little kick. Dollop it on your fries, burgers, meats or…quite frankly anything that deserves saving.


The Rubs



Pulled Pork Barbecue Rub 

Taking inspiration from the Carolinas, this rub will help you unlock your inner Pitmaster. The genuine blend of spices, garlic and onion will transform your slow cooked pork shoulder into a dish worthy of worship.

Pork Rib Barbecue Rub

Inspired by the BBQ pits of Memphis, Tennessee, this rub will turn out full flavoured racks every time, whether you love meaty baby backs or tender spare ribs.

Chicken Barbecue Rub 

It’s time to bless your chicken, and transform it from a poultry dish to a heavenly offering. Red’s signature blend of spices, herbs, onion and garlic will infuse your chicken with BBQ goodness.

Beef Barbecue Rub 

Start on your path to salvation and send your steaks to heaven. Simply sprinkle over the meat before you hot fry or grill and allow the blend of spices, pepper and herbs to bless your plate.

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