Behold, Red’s To Go!

January 13, 2014 | News

Yes Believers, Red’s True Barbecue is taking on the mighty Takeout Menu.

We’ve picked your most popular dishes and drinks and squeezed them into takeout packaging, for those who prefer eating their BBQ at home, in the car, on the bus or simply outside our front door!  It’s a limited menu to keep service as fast as possible, so some dishes haven’t made it due to travelling times and bumpy rides.

Thou shalt feed upon Little Boxes, BBQ Boxes, Sandwiches (see below), Humble & Divine Sides and Sweet Things. Once fed, thee can bathe in the Devil’s Waters, as we have included Craft Beers and Wine for purchase also.

Take out is not always available. When our smokers are empty, they’re empty, so some dishes will sell out and be unavailable for take out. For full descriptions of our dishes please visit

All orders must be paid for in full at point of order by debit/credit card. You will be given a collection slot, this will be a minimum of 1hr and possibly longer at peak times. If the kitchen isn’t being slammed, then we’ll do our best to give you a faster pick up time.

Bear in mind that not all of our food will remain in premium condition for long. If you’re ordering a ‘wet’ product such as a Pulled Pork Sandwich, it should be consumed promptly to avoid disappointment.

For Leeds Takeout, please call 0113 834 5834.

May meat be with you, always….

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