A Christmas special – Oak Smoked Turkey

November 30, 2015 | News

This year’s True Believer Rewards special is on a Christmas tip. Behold, Oak Smoked Turkey.

Christmas Feast for 1


If you’re one of those believers who lives for Christmas, you’d love parts of Oklahoma. Whilst this State doesn’t have a particular dedicated BBQ style of its own, smoked turkey can be found as an all-year-round offering at many ‘cue joints. And it’s heaven sent.

Thanks to a chance pit stop at Woody’s Smokehouse in Joplin, bordering Missouri and Oklahoma, this yuletide Red brings you authentic oak smoked Turkey breast with candied yams, festive cornbread, buttered green beans and creamed corn.

Available for all True Believer Rewards cardholders from 12pm on 1st December, right up until Christmas.

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