10 Miracles, Week 4: Sticky Chicken

July 10, 2016 | News

Believers, Red is feeding the 5,000 in Liverpool this summer with 10 true barbecue, lunchtime miracles.

This week’s is one of our on-site Pitmaster Michael’s favourites – the 1/2 sticky chicken.

BBQ Half Chicken


Let him tell you more

“When people think of American barbecue, they traditionally think of pulled pork and ribs, but when chicken gets the low and slow treatment it adds a whole new dimension.

To prep, we brine a 1/2 chicken for 24 hours in a combination of salt and sugar – this helps to lock in the moisture and add more flavour to the chicken when we come to smoking it the next day. 

Once it’s out, I rub it with a classic Dalmation rub (salt and pepper) before popping it in our custom-built smoker. I smoke it for 3 hours, but it’s not just a case of putting it in and ignoring it. I glaze the chicken with Unholy BBQ sauce once an hour to make sure it gets a nice, even glaze.

After the 3 hour smoke has passed, it’ll be salty and sweet with a distinct oak smoke running through the meat. You’ll also notice some pink hues on the inside of the meat – this is what happens when you smoke chicken low and slow, it definitely isn’t undercooked!

If you haven’t tried it yet then now’s the best time. Grab it 2-4-1 from Monday 11th July, 12-3pm.”

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