10 Miracles of Summer in Liverpool

July 7, 2016 | News

This summer, Red is feeding the 5,000 in Liverpool – over 10 weeks we have 10 glorious 2-4-1 true BBQ lunchtimes.

It runs Monday-Friday from 12pm-6pm – feast your eyes on what’s available below.


  • w/c 20th Pit Burger

Hump Day never tasted better. #RedsPitBurger - 2015-11-25 20:37:24

  • w/c 27th Baby Back Ribs and Buffalo Wings Barbecue Tray

P10290-118-Final Web Res JPG


  • w/c 4th Dirty Buffalo Chicken S’wich (s’wich only)   

New Year diet? You heathen. Save yourself this January with our True Believer Rewards special - the Dirty Buffalo Chicken Burger. - 2016-01-04 19:59:00

  • w/c 11th Half chicken

BBQ Half Chicken

  • w/c 18th Pitmaster S’Wich (sandwich only) 

Sandwiches - The Pitmaster S'Wich

  • w/c 25th Donut Burger

Reds Menu Shoot 194-Final Web Res JPG


  • w/c 1st Pitmaster Tray 


  • w/c 8th Philly Cheesesteak (sandwich only) 

Behold!The Brisket Philly Cheesesteak S'wichAvailable for worship from 3rd November. - 2015-10-21 17:01:07

  • w/c 15th Pulled Pork S’wich


  • w/c 22nd Beef long & 1/4 chicken Barbecue Tray

P10290-085-Final Web Res JPG

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