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As a member, you have exclusive access a 20% off blessing every time you worship at Red’s. To unlock this unbridled barbecue nirvana, you first need to register your card below. You’ll find your card number on the back of the card you’ve been given, just below the QR code.
How it works
Register thy card
Enter thy details and unlock barbecue nirvana today. Your card needs to be registered before you can redeem blessings.
How it works
Register your card

Before you can redeem any blessing (including your 20% off discount), you need to register your card.


Once that’s done, you’re free to worship!

Make sure to hand your card to a server just before you pay. We can’t retrospectively add any blessing after the bill has been paid.

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As well as your 20% off, we’ll send you news of more offers, events and menu items to your registered email address.

Keep one eye on your inbox so you don’t miss out.

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Register thy card
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Ask a member of staff for your rewards card when in our restaurant
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