Day #1 Staff Pilgrimage: Birmingham, Alabama

February 5, 2016 | BBQ Road Trip

Each year we jump in a RV and take a road trip Pilgrimage across the southern states of America. We explore and discover. Meet and learn from the world’s best. Eat ‘cue five times a day, and return to the UK with bellies full and a stack-load of new ideas and dishes.

After winning an internal competition, three of our circle of staff in Nottingham have flown over to the spiritual home of true barbecue to experience it all first hand.

After an eventful first day, Alex (bartender) has penned a blog. Check it out below.

Day 1, Birmingham, Alabama

Wow, what a wicked start to the staff pilgrimage!

We were so excited for the first ever Red’s staff BBQ Pilgrimage. Surprisingly, we all managed to get on the plane to Atlanta, from there we would catch a connecting flight to Birmingham, Alabama.



Atlanta is where the fun began. Scott and myself were accused of being a homosexual couple by border control and Leaton (kitchen staff) was pulled in for questioning and a cheeky cavity search (we suspect because of his heavy sweating and complete lack of sleep from the night before). Schoolboy error, which resulted in him missing the connecting flight to Birmingham by 30 seconds. After a lot of unnecessary queuing and basic customs difficulty we all got into Birmingham Alabama, out first BBQ stop, safely.

After a few early reducers, we headed over to Moe’s BAR B Q on 29th South Street, Lakeview. Man, this place was just so cool. We ordered 30 buffalo chicken wings to start with.



These were a little bigger than your normal size wings covered with Moe’s special sauce and were some of the best chicken wings we have ever tasted. Smoky, salty, spicy and sweet. We were still pretty hungry, so we ordered a sharing tray. This was another level of awesomeness and a perfect way to taste a little bit of everything.



These guys were well proud to serve us Brits. And rightly so, the highlight was the pulled pork – everyone absolutely loved it, the way these guys chopped and sauced the pork was just phenomenal.

After we had our bellies filled, we hit the bars that were recommended to us by the guys at Moe’s. We found our way to the Tin Roof Bar in Highland Park. None of us had been to a bar like it, this place was crazy open set up and met some really awesome people who supplied us with loads of beer and plenty of shots. We spent most of time talking about how awesome BBQ is, and relayed the Red’s story and what we do in the U.K….after sending Leaton home in an Uber for being sick on himself. Second schoolboy.

Seeing a trend here…

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