Day #2 Staff Pilgrimage: 4 cue joints

February 4, 2016 | BBQ Road Trip

by Alex, Nottingham

Oh man, what a day! Cramming in 4 BBQ joints and a brewery in one day was always going to be a pretty awesome challenge and everyone was up for it.

With some pretty heavy heads, we grabbed breakfast in Demetri’s BBQ as our first stop of the day. I’ve never had breakfast like this before, this place was seriously cool.



We all grabbed something different including huevos rancheros and brisket n’ biscuits, but the bacon and cheese grits were a new experience for me that did not disappoint. The bacon was nothing like I’ve had in the U.K. Really crispy, salty bacon that did the belly and mind good. This impressed Liam, as he apparently doesn’t like “droopy” bacon. This grub was to be the cure for most of our hangovers – the multiple free cups of coffee helped too, like.

So with one joint down and 3 to go, after breakfast we jumped in our massive Lincoln Navigator with drop down skirts and on-board Spotify and headed over to the highly recommended Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q. You could see this place from down the road by the smoke coming out the chimney – suppose that’s a good sign, right?!



Ornamental pigs adorned absolutely every cabinet and flat surface here! This joint was the real deal, the authenticity and the soul within these 4 walls just makes you feel like you’re in the right place and exactly the right time. Going all in and pretty much getting a bit of everything, we dug in deep. The smoked sausage was that perfect balance of smokiness and fattiness, all pretty good ‘cue, but the real highlight was the feel of the place – really classic joint. Scott managed to get into the smoker room, ranting that they were hot roasting directly over hickory. They then cloche the meat with huge lids to “smoke” their meat. That way they get that crispy texture to the chicken and ribs.



After hitting up Miss Myra’s we drove over to Jim ‘N’ Nicks… now compared to Miss Myra’s this place is just so different! Not in a bad way, but definitely a different atmosphere. As always we got a bit of everything including some fried catfish, which was a first for a few of us. Some more tasty chicken wings (but not as good as the ones from Moe’s!). The brisket was very lean, so we asked for some fatty, and they obliged. Way better and moist as [email protected]&k! The highlight was undoubtedly the mini cheese biscuits (warm, bready scones) with whipped honey butter.



After a cheeky nap/Euros game, we gathered and headed over to Good People Brewery for some beers and a brewery tour, welcomed by Lauren – their PR and social media babe. She sorted us all out with beers and gave us all the information we needed to know – walking round the brewery was a real privilege to see behind-the-scenes of a brewery that produces some of the tastiest beers we’ve had on the pilgrimage so far. They truly were good people.

2016-06-14-PHOTO-00000200 2


Final joint of the day was the long awaited Dreamland – some of the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted! Before we ordered, they dropped a loaf of white bread and warm BBQ sauce on our table. The idea was to dip the bread in the sauce while you wait. Clever idea and it works!!



Continuing the tradition of not wanting to miss out on anything, we just got everything. Some truly incredible salty spare ribs, sweet and smoky sausage. Scott recommended that we started with a banana pudding dessert, this way you can try a dessert before you fill up on loads of delicious ‘cue. Really great start to the meal, all washed down with some great beer.

It’s also safe to say that our very own giant, Liam is capable of eating half his weight in meat. Where does he put it???

No late one for us this evening. We were all tucked up in bed by 10, with heady dreams of more amazing low and slow pulled meats ahead…

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