Day #11 Red’s Pilgrimage Washington D.C

March 1, 2015 | BBQ Road Trip

At Red’s we serve more than 70,000 people across the business each month. By those odds, you’re going to meet some cool, interesting people stood outside, whilst catching a smoke. Cue Bryan Crosswhite. Bryan is a Louisiana-born, ex-government official who now runs a string of Cajun restaurants, The Cajun Experience.

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If you’ve never had Cajun food then blend a fusion of French thinking, american loving and the Gulf of Mexico, and you’ve got it. Dishes like Crawfish Boil, Étouffée, fried Catfish, Gator Bites, and Seafood Gumbo intoxicate your mind and palate. And here, it’s all next level.

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On the steps of Red’s Manchester we promised Bryan the next time we were over we’d hook up and check out his place. We took an internal flight from Austin to Washington D.C especially. And sweet mother of meat, are we glad we did. Like his food, Bryan is a wonderfully intoxicating person to be around. Laid back, incredibly sharp and intelligent, full of heart, a complete foodie nut, and full to the brim with engaging stories; this was the perfect antidote to barbecue, bourbon and relentless schedules.


Crawfish Boil

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IMG_9096-Final Web Res


Craw Mac & Cheese

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Crawfish Pies 

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Cajun Bloody Mary

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One brewer, many choices

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Banana Pudding

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If you’re ever in Virginia, or Washington D.C. please take the time to visit The Cajun Experience, and take a step into the world of authentic, Louisiana-inspired food: it’s a promise from the Red’s team you won’t regret it.

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