Day #10 Red’s Pilgrimage Austin

March 2, 2015 | BBQ Road Trip
 The last time we were here, the Red’s team were on a very personal mission to visit the lauded Mecca of American barbecue; Franklin’s. Queue jump a year forward, and with slightly more knowledge under our BBQ belts, this visit was a chance to wind down from the intensity of the Pilgrimage and not have to face 4 hours of waiting to fill our bellies.

Before arriving in Texas’s capital, we did have to deal with the misfortune of Scott’s driving skills, which landed our multi-tonne RV in a roadside quagmire in the middle of duelling banjo’s territory, only to luckily be pulled free by a man who happened to have a fully speced up, but hugely out of date, tow truck in his back yard. $60 in $1 bills later (it looked fatter that way), and we were on the road again.

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Black’s is a famous name in BBQ if you live around these parts. No family in Texas has owned and continuously operated a barbecue business longer – it’s now in its 4th generation.  We’ve already feasted at their Lockhart joint, but they also have one in San Marcos and another here in Austin Gaudalupe, so time to kick back.


IMG_8986-Final Web Res


We SSS and jumped in the taxi from the RV park. The Texan sun was burning by this point, a prophetic and welcome reprieve from what it had been. It’s always great at this point in the Pilgrimage; everyone is relaxed, contemplative, talkative, and totally up for reliving the past 10 days antics. So, when the taxi driver dropped us off, we completely missed the fact we hadn’t been dropped at Black’s Austin, but Terry Black’s Austin, a family offshoot, run by his twin sons, Michael and Mark. Well, if it was anything like the Mueller’s family dynasty where everything and anything that family touch turns to BBQ gold, we had to give it go.
And we weren’t disappointed. Day #10 was rounded off with mesquite and oak-smoked Brisket and spare ribs, plus a load of great sides. What happened on Rainy Street later will stay off the page – but if you see us, do ask and we’ll be more than happy to share.
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