Day #6 2014 Pilgrimage: Naaman’s, Texarkana Arkansas

April 3, 2014 | BBQ Road Trip

On the hunt for our third and penultimate meal of the day, we happened upon Naaman’s, sitting roadside on the border between Texarkana Arkansas (dry) and Texarkana Texas (wet). One simple road separated those that can, from those that can’t buy alcohol. Lucky for us, we had an RV full of cold ones. IMG_0544

The joint was still being built, however not wanting to lose trade before launching, the owners had parked up a food truck, curb side.

At this point, I was already utterly stuffed with zero desire to force feed barbecue into a visibly growing belly. I can literally see it expanding before my very eyes and am wondering whether I can expense a complete refresh of my wardrobe when I return home. But, in the spirit of the Pilgrimage and more to the point the fact that Scott had ordered a spread from the truck, we were game-on for eatin’.


Menu #3:

  • 1 x Blasphemer burger: sliced brisket, slaw and mustard sauce
  • Sliced Brisket
  • Sliced smoked chicken
  • Potato salad
  • Slaw
  • Cheesy corn
  • Mashed potato and white gravy
  • BBQ beans
  • THE cheesecake
  • Cinna-BOMB cake





And do you know what? This cue’, served up road-side, was excellent.

Yeah it had been centrally processed so the ribs were a little dry, having been kept in the warmers too long, but the chicken was damn tasty. It appeared like it was a rolled fillet, incredibly smoky and moist. And although the brisket was a little dry, The Blasphemer burger hit the spot.

As we know at Red’s, sides are just as important, and one of the standouts for me was the cheesy corn, a swirl of sweetcorn, rice, melted cheddar cheese, herbs and little crunchy pulled pork ends. Never admitting defeat or showing weakness, we ordered dessert. And man, the cheesecake – a baked New York style –  sent neural bolts of utter joy to my brain. Douglas even ordered his own, personal portion it was so god damn good.

I scraped the final velvety spoonfuls from the plastic tub, like a man who hadn’t eaten all day, poured a little beer on the floor in respect to my non-drinking Texarkana Arkansas homies, and headed on to The Lone Star State, Texas baby.

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