The road trip begins 21.4.14….

April 10, 2014 | BBQ Road Trip

Dearly beloved, the time has come for #redspilgrimage.

An annual road trip into deep south USA.

We’ll visit off beat, backyard BBQ joints. Feast on specials, mains, sides and the lesser well-known morsels and nuggets. We’ll leave no menu untried or an ounce of leftovers. We’ll bribe, we’ll pull strings, to meet and interview the country’s legendary, and infamous, characterful Pitmasters. We’ll drink beer, we’ll sup’ liquor, we’ll intravenous caffeine, all in a bid to bring you the very best insight into American true barbecue.

It’s 1,100 miles, 8 days, 7 men, 5 States, 4 BBQ meals a day and 1 Winnebago.

More to follow on how you can share in #redspilgrimage 2104….

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