How to prepare a Tomahawk Steak

September 30, 2016 | BBQ 101

These 1.2kg steaks, aged for 28 days, are custom-made for us, and are essentially rib-eyes on crack. This bone-in cut helps lock in maximum flavour, plus you can eat the whole thing without picking up a knife and fork.

You can see where the ‘Tomahawk’ element comes into this recipe, but probably not the ‘Dirty’. What did humans do before they invented the metal grill grate? Well, they cooked chunks of meat directly on hot coals. With the simple touch of fanning the ashes away from the grey coals before placing the meat on the coals, the finished product won’t be a carbonised lump of toughness. Instead, this technique produces amazing results. You’ll get a super-crunchy outer crust like crackling with an ultra-juicy melting-in-the-middle result. The fact that there is no space between the meat and the heat source means you reduce the chance of those nasty flare-ups that can give meat an acrid flavour. Grilling ‘dirty’ will give a rustic finish to the pit-dipped meat, but it won’t taste dirty! Please note, however, that you must only use lumpwood charcoal when grilling directly.

By placing hardy herbs between the meat and coals, you’ll also add an earthy aroma to the cooking process. President Dwight Eisenhower was the most famous person to grill steaks directly on hot coals, though he wasn’t the first or only person. However, if it was good enough for President Eisenhower, it’s good enough for us!

With this technique, it’s best to use thicker cuts of meat, such as lamb rump steaks or extra-thick pork chops. Smaller or thinner cuts won’t be able to sustain the intense heat.

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