How to butterfly a leg of Lamb

September 30, 2016 | BBQ 101

A leg of lamb is mainly a lean cut of meat, so it’s perfect for cooking fast and furious until it develops a crispy exterior crust while maintaining a juicy, pink medium-rare centre. Cooking this cut with the bone in, however, can be difficult because the surface can dry out before the core temperature has a chance to catch up. The solution is to remove the bone with a sharp knife, and flatten out the meat so it cooks evenly, by slashing lines deep into the thicker end. This butchering method is known as ‘butterflying’, and it can be used on most thick, meaty cuts like beef rib roasts or even chicken breasts.

The intense flavour of fire-roasted lamb can be overpowering, so to allow for contrast in temperature, taste and texture, we’ve matched it up with a cool, citrusy and minty yoghurt dipper to bring solace to the tongue. Yoghurt can be a bit watery at times, so we always strain it, which also intensifies the tang. This dish is also heavenly with a light pinot noir, which will cleanse the palate after you gorge on this meaty morsel.

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