From Assistant Manager to General Manager

October 5, 2016 | Uncategorised

After managing in Nottingham and assisting with new openings, Lawrence has recently moved sites to fulfil his ambition of being a General Manager.


How long have you worked for Reds?

I’ve been working for Red’s for 20 months and have been in my latest position for 2 months.


What position did you start in? 

I joined Red’s as Assistant Manager back in January 2015 for the opening of Nottingham.


Tell us about your career progression route, when, how, who and what helped you get there?After working solidly for 3 months I was promoted to Deputy Manager, and had spells as Holding General Manager and Openings Manager for our Sheffield site.

Earlier this year, I was promoted and made General Manager in Headingley. It has been hard work and testing at times but definitely worth it and now i have my own little baby to look after.

There’s always opportunities to try something different and get your hands stuck in with something new. The support I’ve had has been so helpful in helping me develop my skills and being a better manager.


Tell us about your career progression route, when, how, who and what helped you get there? 

My next career move is to take on a bigger site – moving slowly yet surely towards that goal.


Whats the best thing about working at Red’s? The best thing about working for Red’s is 100% the people. I have been around and worked in the majority of the sites and the people definitely make the job worth it.

I’m constantly in different cities and still see familiar faces regularly. It’s so easy to pick up the phone even if its just for a natter or to just rant – everyone makes a massive effort to support each other which makes our lives so much easier. Help is always just a phone call away.


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