The resurrection of Sleepy James

February 18, 2016 | News

You voted, we listened

The Sleepy James is resurrected for March in Leeds, Manchester, Headingley, Shoreditch and Liverpool as a True Believer Rewards special.

En route to the 2014 BBQ road trip we enjoyed a chance meeting with David Gest, who told us all about the best fried chicken joint in Memphis; ‘Dodge Gas Station’. What we didn’t plan for was one of the most memorable encounters ever in the history of our Pilgrimage trips – ‘Sleepy’ James.

For those that don’t already know, feast thine eyes on a southern fried chicken breast in waffles, with shredded lettuce, burger cheese, slaw, and ranch dressing.

Sandwiches - Sleepy James 3

Fear not Nottingham. In your church of worship, an improved recipe for the Skirt Steak returns for March. A feast awaits.

This is heavenly low 
and slow done fast
Express Lunch
This is heavenly low 
and slow done fast
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