Pre-Aintree Breakfast

April 6, 2016 | News

Red’s True Barbecue breakfast – it’s a sure thing!

For any of the faithful planning on visiting Aintree this week, we’re opening the gates early with a hearty breakfast menu to line your stomachs for the festivities ahead. We’ll be serving between 9am – 12pm on Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April.

Feast thine eyes on the full breakfast menu below, and plan this week’s early worship.

Red’s Bloody Mary & Triple 6 Mary (HOT)

Bloody Pig


Red’s Country Fry

Reds Country Fry


Pulled Pork Pancake

P10238 194-Final Web Res


Hot Iron Waffles

P10238 139-Final Web Res


Red’s Classic Breakfast Burger

P10238 090-Final Web Res


Pit Beans and Poached Eggs 

P10238 240-Final Web Res


Eggs Your Way on Texas Toast

P10238 223-Final Web Res



Free refills on Filter Coffee or Tea (Breakfast/Green).

This is heavenly low 
and slow done fast
Express Lunch
This is heavenly low 
and slow done fast
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