• Like a bolt from Heaven

    ...it struck Red. The people of Manchester knew nothing of True Barbecue. Of meat smoked low ‘n slow, infused with joy. Of glazes, rubs and sauces so glorious that angels wept...

And so he crafted a new place of worship

22 Lloyd Street, Albert Square, M2 5WA.

Behold and rejoice, the chapter of Red’s True Barbecue, Manchester begins.

Doors open for service from 12pm, 13 February.

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The Good Book

It’s now time for you to explore the good book. Look. Salivate. Smell. Weep. Taste and be saved. The plague of bad British Barbecue is over.

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Opening Times


Mon-Wed 12pm - 12am

Thur, Fri & Sat 12pm - 2am

Sun 12pm - 10pm