World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest 2017

Houston, Texas: 03/03 – 05/03


Believers, we were invited back to Houston to battle it out in the 2017 World’s Championship Bar-B-Que competition.


We went brisket to brisket against more than 250 teams from across the U.S in this invite-only Texan cook off.


Scroll down for the result.

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Last chance to win brisket

To celebrate our invitation to this prestigious brisket showdown, we're giving away 200 Brisket Sliders, complete with Pit Beans and a pint.

We'll draw the winners at random next week. Enter below.

Terms and Conditions

The Results

61st out of 149 competitors

Congratulations to Team Red's, who managed to beat 60% of the seasoned U.S. professional teams at this prestigious competition.

We tried something a little different this year which didn't pay off in moving us up in the rankings, but our Pitmasters have gleaned a tonne more tips and tricks.
This is heavenly low 
and slow done fast
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This is heavenly low 
and slow done fast
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