The Holy Cow: Father’s Day Special




If you’re thinking of treating the old man to a carnivore’s feast this Father’s Day, look no further than The Holy Cow.

This is a complete nose-to-tail eating experience, celebrating the entire cow in just one burger.

The epic eat sits between a house-made Pretzel bun and includes:

–        Carpaccio beef and olive

–        21hr Texas-smoked brisket

–        Juicy Lucy (melted cheese hidden inside a 100% steak burger)

–        A parmesan and Jacob’s cracker-crusted pattie made of pulled oxtail and pulled ox cheek with diced slow smoked ox heart and ox liver

–        Jalapeño and dill pickle relish

–        Thickly sliced mustard pickled tongue

–        Unholy sticky beef jus

–        Pulled 12hr smoked beef rib

–        Blackened Wagyu rib eye steak

–        Beef bacon

–        Red’s Dirty sauce

–        Chargrilled red onion ring

–        Beef tomato and salad leaves



The Holy Cow

The Holy Cow burger also comes with a beef tomato consommé-based Bloody Mary with jerky shards and thrice cooked beef dripping-fried chips with a pulled beef Ragu dipping sauce.

Scott, master of the meats at Red’s, said: “For any kids wanting to get props on Father’s Day, The Holy Cow burger is a gift that keeps on giving; it’s a complete religious eating experience, a journey through the tastiest cuts of beef, and something the old man will never forget!”

The Holy Cow