Manchester Food & Drink Festival: The Good Book

Come forth to Manchester Food & Drink Festival 2014 and discover the church of true barbecue.

We’re  setting up our holy smokers on Albert Square, just across the road from our restaurant, from 18th – 23rd September to celebrate US regional barbecue in all its low and slow glory.

St Louis ribs

If you’re already a believer you’ll know what to expect, but for the non believers amongst you, feast your eyes on the Good Book below, follow the free smells on Albert Square, and get messy with the best ‘cue to have ever passed your cake hole.

Meat Boxes
1 Meat (200g) and slaw
2 Meats (300g) and slaw
3 Meats(400g) and slaw

Pulled pork (100g) and slaw, apple sauce in 5” glazed bun
Texas Brisket (100g), dill pickle and onion in 5” glazed bun
Hot link smoked sausage (120g), dill pickle and onion in 5” glazed bun

The Meat
Low n Slow smoked Pulled pork
Texas Smoked Brisket
Kansas City Baby Back Ribs (1/2 Rack)
Hot Link Smoked sausage

The sides
Potato salad
5” Glazed Bun
Pit Beans

Complimentary sauces
Kansas City BBQ sauce
South Carolina BBQ sauce
Xxx666 Hot sauce

We’re also serving a little cheeky surprise BBQ dish that will feature on our forthcoming new lunch menu, so be sure to check it out – no secret handshakes or code words required BTW.

See you in the concrete field.

Brunch: The Morning Service

So here’s some news that should make your souls burn bright believers. Red’s Brunch is coming to a Morning Service near you, delivering you from your misdemeanours the night before.

Worship begins next Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 August from 9am – 12pm, bringing a true American wake up call to Red’s Manchester & Red’s Headingley.

Because each Red’s is slightly different we’ve had to tweak the menu. For example, we have a bigger bar & kitchen in Manchester so we’ve been able to give you a greater selection of Bloody Marys and added our amazing Saddlebag pancakes. For now we’re not running Brunch at Red’s Leeds, but this may change in the future.

Look out on social this week as we’re hosting a competition to cover the bill for a few blessed believers this coming weekend.

As ever, give us your feedback at and let us know your thoughts.

4134 - REDS_BRUNCH_Email image eCRM 600 x 227


MCR brunch menu


They Came To Feast

The call of free barbecue was too strong for some and so they flocked in their hundreds, following the free smells of Red’s Headingley, to feast.

It’s fair to say the launch of our latest place of worship, Red’s Headingley, was epic. More than 1,000 believers turned up to queue in line for their share of a plate of free ‘cue. Knowing it would be busy, we hosted live music straight up from a makeshift open-air stage on top of the restaurant.

If you’ve never caught soul hop band JJ Rosa, keep a look out. She’s a Red’s regular at our live music sessions in Manchester and they rocked the early eve session over in Headingley, setting the tone for Red’s favourite Junkhouse Dog to smash any weary waiting legs into a groove. Big thanks to Rat On The Roof, Big Bone Joe, The Kentucky Cow Tippers and Magic Al for cruising up and down the 200m queue playing personal gigs for those that needed a dose of additional entertainment.

And a final important thanks to all the believers that chose to turn up and support the launch, some of you queueing for over 4hrs. You know who you are. Let there be meat!

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Free BBQ & Live Music: July 17 Red’s Headingley


If the words ‘Free food’ and ‘Live music’ fill you with a sense of joy, you could be in luck.

We’re opening the doors to Red’s Headingley restaurant on Thursday 17 July with a congregation-pleasing event set to stop the traffic.

It’s time for us to pay the city back for all the support you have given Red’s, by serving up true barbecue for free until our smokers run out…..

We’re also transforming the roof into an open air stage and showcasing a load of live bands including sexy soul-hop outfit JJ Rosa, blues band Junkhouse Dog that rocked Manchester’s late bar launch, plus bluegrass buskers The Kentucky Cow Tippers and youtube favourite and acoustic finger-style harmonic guitar, Rat On The Roof.

To make sure we can serve for free as many believers as possible we’re doing a reduced menu, plus setting a limit of 45 minutes from when you sit down. Plenty of time to feast, sup a few chilled beers and bomb a pickleback or two.

Doors open at 6:30pm and we reckon the smokers will be empty by around 11:00pm.

Look out for a limited few queue jump passes which we’ll post on Facebook and Twitter.

May meat be with you, always.

Red's Headingley

Smoked Skate and Beer Can Chicken using a Weber Smokey Mountain 37cm Bullet Smoker

Scott Munro, Master of Meats, Red’s True Barbecue

Grilling outside with gas is ok for knocking out some steaks, kebabs and burgers for the family, but you really can’t beat cooking with wood as it imparts a much deeper and broader flavour profile. Authentic US low and slow style cooking, like we do at Red’s, is a real art and takes a lot of practice, but once you get it, you’ll never look back.

So, when Weber kindly asked me to test out one of its newer, smaller format Smokey Mountain bullet smokers I figured it would be a good opportunity to see how quick it would be to set up, smoke/grill and break down at home on an evening..

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