7 Days of creation

On the first day

Red gathered the finest local produce from the Heavens and Earth

On the second day

Red created the tastiest rubs in all the land and they were good, and the hungry rejoiced

On the third day

Red created a range of sauces so jaw-droppingly glorious that the angels wept tears of joy, and when they realised they were available by the bottle their very souls shone bright.

On the fourth day

Red commanded the finest carpenters in all the land and beyond to build a place to feast and be thankful.

On the fifth day

Red created smoke, to infuse the flavours of hickory and fruit wood and it was good.

On the sixth day

Red summoned the faithful and they feasted like Kings.

On the seventh day

Red proudly surveyed all that he had created, it had been a pretty full on week.